Lab Equipments

Ducatron Série 3

Centrifugal induction casting machine.

Made for melting all dental alloys except titanium.Water integrated cooling.Pre-balaced arm.2 starting speed.High level output.

Programix 25/50/100

Burnout furnaces for all types of castings.

High thermal yield, reduced energy consumption.Compact size.Modular electronic panel.Protection against corrosion (electrogalvanized steel and epoxy paint).Stainless steel door.Monobloc cast ceramic muffle.

Lectra Satellis Press

Colour TFT* screen.WIFI control.USB interface.6 languages.Quartz faced element.New UTS** heating chamber.Optimal firing quality.Navigation satellite.High power vacuum pump.193 firing programs.5 service programs.Cooling time reduced by air extraction

Lectra Press

Ceramic furnace pressing furnace all in one.

90 programs for firing ceramics.10 programs for pressing ingots.Quartz muffle sheath.Direct view.Controlled cooling.

Ducagel Z1

Duplicator for gel

Latest generation regulation card.New resistance ensuring heating homogneity, elimationg overheating risks.Two possible compounding procedures.


Micro-sandblater with two tanks to use aluminium oxide from 25 to 250 μ or glass beads.

Neon lighting.Foot pedal.Connector for aspirator Airbox.Plastic protection for glass window.



Precision sandblasting unit with 1 tank. to be used in addition to a sandblaster with two jet pencils.For aluminium oxide from 50 to 250 μ or glass beads.


Total safety for effective cleaning of your prosthetics work.

Stainless steel water reservoir.Water level safety devices: audible signal, indicator light and electrical cut-out.Palm-switch solenoid valve control.Steam gun outlet and additional dry vapour outlet via fixed nozzle.

Vibraflex 2

Vibrator 2 rings

Highly resistant to corrosion.Electronic regulation.Stability with 4 succion cups.Removable rubber cover.

Ugivac 5

Vacuum mixer (wall mounted)

Electronic timer - digital display.Adjustable vacuum level.Rotation speed: 400 tr/min.Filter on aspiration.Automatic coupling system on mixing bowl.Delivered with 2 bowls 500 ml and 250 ml.Aspiration: Venturi type.