Dental Implants

Laser-Lok® microchannels

Laser-Lok is a series of precision-engineered cell-sized channels laser-machined onto the collar of BioHorizons implants and is unlike any surface treatment available on the market today.

Internal implant system

Launched in 2004, the Internal dental implant quickly became BioHorizons' most popular implant design as many dentists shifted their preferences towards internal connections. With the same basic shape and thread design as the External, the Internal leverages all of the External's science and research to assure clinicians achieve successful outcomes.

AlloDerm® Regenerative Tissue Matrix

Since its introduction to dentistry in 1994, AlloDerm Regenerative Tissue Matrix has been a widely accepted acellular dermal matrix (ADM) for soft tissue applications. AlloDerm supports tissue regeneration by allowing rapid revascularization, white cell migration and cell population - ultimately being transformed into host tissue for a strong, natural repair.

Dental implant bone graft - Grafton® DBM

Clinicians desire predictability and flexibility when using a bone graft substitute. The proven clinical success of Grafton DBM in multiple forms gives clinicians the predictability and flexibility for various applications including regeneration of bone for periodontal, extraction site, sinus and lateral ridge augmentation grafting procedures. Cleared for a broader range of indications than any other DBM or commercially available BMP, Grafton DBM gives you the ability to regenerate bone height and width.


Developed to address a wide range of applications, MinerOss is a mixture of allograft mineralized cortical and cancellous chips. The cancellous and cortical blend forms an osteoconductive scaffold providing volume enhancement and effective site development for successful dental implant placement.