Other Services

Maintenance and Support

  • Implementation of a fully functional support framework.
  • Technology Support including Hardware, Software, Network, and others. We shoulder the day-to-day responsibilities of managing reliable environment.
  • We are the single point-of-contact for all of our Clients’ Support during and after the warranty period.
  • Highly trained staff in different Dental and Medical Disciplines are ready to answer your questions, resolve issues and meet your support needs.
  • Proven expertise in service processes, support methodologies, installation.
  • Industry-Leading Certification for multi-vendor parts Products and Solutions.
  • Proven expertise in the design, deployment, and support of Dental Clinics.

Warehousing Facility

We have acquired a large warehouse facility providing more efficient logistics for inbound, outbound and stored products.


As part of our customer satisfaction services we provide door-to-door delivery of all our products in all governorates.


UMT is also proud to offer equipment training courses and hands on workshops for medical and dental professional to insure optimum use of the most advanced and up-to-date materials and equipments.