Lab Materials

Veneering Materials

Signum ceramis and Signum composite

In the field of nano-hybrid veneering composite Heraeus offers you the best of both worlds: Signum and Signum Matrix. This combination gives you the freedom to choose between liquid and paste when processing. Also in the field of metal-free prosthesis as well Heraeus offers you Signum ceramis, a composite for single restorations like inlays, onlays and single crowns. This is where the advantages of ceramics and composites are combined.

Cast Partial Denture System

Everything works together - the Heraeus cast partial denture system; In the Heraeus Kulzer cast partial denture system, the following high quality, perfectly coordinated components ensure reliable and precise partial denture: Model preparation, duplication,Model manufacture, Investment, casting, surface treatment CoCr casting alloys

Plasters and Pouring the Model

Dental plaster is still the most important material in the dental laboratory. Heraeus Kulzer is the leading supplier with a complete range of the most important types according to EN ISO 6873.

Precious Metal Alloys

Since the Heraeus precious metal alloys are based on more than one century of experience. Our development expertise is crucial in this respect. It allows us to manufacture top quality products at all times and to respond to customer demands and changed market conditions. There is a reason we call it "gold standard" in dentistry. The bio, casting and bonding alloys with high gold content are top quality materials.

Bio Herador N, one of the most commonly used Heraeus alloys, is a good example. Its warm golden yellow shade and high strength render this alloy a premium product. Heraeus offers the right solution for every indication and can always offer the appropriate alloy. This is true for inlays, crowns and implants. Quality is always a top priority. Every batch is tested and documented for biocompatibility to benefit dentist and patient.

Investment Materials

Heraeus Kulzer is the leading supplier of investment materials for crowns and bridges and produces investment materials of equally high quality for model casting and press ceramics.

The chemical reaction taking place when mixing conventional phosphate-bonded powder masses with liquids causes unpleasant but harmless odours. Odour-free investment materials by Heraeus Kulzer now ensure better air in the laboratory.

Thanks to its new formulation, the multifaceted Heravest Speed is now also suitable to prepare metal-ring-free muffles. Whether precious metal or non-precious metal alloys- Heravest Speed guarantees reproducible casting results.